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18 February 2009
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Having hit upon the "Hitler's 700 mph Silent Dart"
thread, i was struck by several things:

* Like others, i am probably not alone in wanting to discover "The most sensational 'previously undiscovered' Secret/Unbuilt Project".
* Also, like other members of this Forum, i wish to contribute - to the best of my knowledge - accurate (and Factual) information.

However, purely "factual" information may be interpreted in many ways (as was pointed out upon the aforementioned thread; and Links provided). Given that there may exist a large market for "original documents" - for example amongst (subscribers to) this Forum - i would suggest the following readings:

Mark Jones [ed](1992)
Why Fakes Matter:
Essays on the problem of authenticity
British Museum Press, London. UK
[ISBN 0-7141-1728-8]

Thomas Hoving (1996)
False Impressions: the hunt for big time art fakes
Andre Deutsch, UK
[ISBN 0-223-99015-1]

Eric Hebborn (1997)
The Art Forgers Handbook
Cassel, UK
[ISBN 0-504-54914-3]

Yes, these are books upon Art; yet they highlight just how we can all be duped.

As a Spoiler alert:

Hoving is real pissed that he didn't catch Hebborn ???; whilst Hebborn sez... my stint in prison gave me the time to write this book :p; in which he details how to Age documents with tea...onto the things that can be done with a marble statue and Lots of yoghurt :D.

As to the Jones jobbie - it's a Long-winded, academic way of saying: "Fakes don't matter - unless you are selling stuff".

If you are at all interested, all three (together) make a fascinating read

Myself - i stick to Photoshop ;D

"Myself - i stick to Photoshop "

Thanks for these recommendations ! ;)
And again, for all those who rather like to learn by watching a movie, I
highly recommend "Schtonk", a satirical movie by Helmut Dietly about Hitlers
faked diaries. :D

(picture from http://www.learmedia.ca/product_info.php/products_id/630)


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Thanks for the recommendation ;D i enjoy a good film - even if i have to trawl through subtitles

Now LOL'ling

PS. When i did my psychology degree, my lecturers were investigating the alleged [Maybrick] "diaries of Jack The Ripper" - which also turned out to be fake. It took them at least 2 years!
likewise, they were involved in the investigation of the "Hitler Diaries"... they Poo-Pooh'ed them very quickly. (Paper aged with tea can be entirely unconvincing; as can a "right-hander" not even pretending to write as a "left-hander").
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