what if Dassault opted for a single engine Rafale


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Jun 6, 2006
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Don't you fight for that. I'm not surprised Dassault is ranked only 34 in a broader picture... or rank among the top 10 only if "full & entire aircraft combat makers " are considered... because there are very few of them left !

(three big in America, Sukhoi, the Chinese ones, Mig is now a ghost, little Saab, and Dassault... who else ? Typhoon ? scattered bits all over Europe - and all the others are still "emerging" although making good strides - India, South Korea, Japan)


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Feb 21, 2010
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An aerospace company is not just one that manufactures complete aircraft. For instance, you have left off Raytheon Technologies form your list which is at No. 2 position on the earlier list. They include the likes of Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace, both of which have extremely significant contributions in the aerospace field
I know. Another example would be GE which would rank high on any aerospace list thanks to their engines alone.

But… that’s not relevant to this discussion which relates to whether Dassault is “too small”. It doesn’t compete against Raytheon or GE… it competes against other aircraft manufacturers. And being in the top 10 is probably “big enough”. (Unlike say Saab)