Wedell-Williams XP-34 pursuit


10 February 2009
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It hapenned that Tophe live near the Boogey Moutain. I like it :)
He allowed me to start this new tread about the Wedell - Williams XP-34.
It is so that I'm building my album of American Army and Navy aircraft
and it's so boring to find the Wedell - Williams racers all the time.
Wedell-Williams received a contract for an XP-34 prototype in answer to their proposal for design specification X-603. This was to be very similar to the #45 racer (NR62Y). However, the company's financial troubles put an end to that beautiful project. Here is a five-view arrangement of the XP-34.


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From the book "U.S. Fighters" by Lloyd S.Jones, AeroPublihers 1975: "a fighter developed from their racer (...) A design study was awarded on October 1, 1935, for an XP-34 to be powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1535 Twin Wasp Jr, radial engine of 700 hp. The XP-34 was to have a speed of 286mph at 10,000 feeet and, in appearance, the design resembled the Wedell-Williams '44' racer (...) its proposed performance had already been exceded by the types then flying. Therefore, the design was revised to incorporate a 900 hp Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-C Twin Wasp. With the new engine, the XP-34 was intended to reach a speed of 308 mph."


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The initial XP-34 design (1935) was to be powered by a 700hp Pratt&Whitney R-1535 Twin Wasp.
A year later the Weddell)Wlliams company suggested a vesion with a more powerfull 900hp P&W XP-1830-C engine
to enhance the fighter's performence.
This was turned down and the whole program was cancelled.

The drawings presented by Tophe an Star.. have a difference in the engine cowling layout.
Could they show the two different versions or is is just artistical freedom by the people who made the drawings...

an interesting article on wikipedia , which armament was proposed for Wedell-Williams Xp 34 ? ???
Maybe, Bellanca Model 23-100 (Army Pursuit Airplane, Allison Engined) is a competitor of the Wedell-Williams XP-34.
I noticed that on, it says that the XP-34 was based on the Model 45. I am not a fluent Japanese speaker and google translate came up with this fact. Is that true or not? Also it may answer airman's question when it states that armament was to be a pair of 7.62 machine guns. Given that was some kind of metric conversion, I would guess a pair of 0.30s would be meant.

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