VTOL Morphing Aircraft Patent By Chengdu Aircraft


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Apr 25, 2008
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Chengdu Aircraft patented a UAV design of interest in late 2011, described as a VTOL morphing aircraft.

Abstract description translates as follows : "The utility model belongs to the field of aircraft design, which relates to a small vertical take-off and landing morphing aircraft. The aircraft comprises a middle wing section, a main wing section, a folding wing section, a folding mechanism, vertical fins, a power part and a reconnaissance equipment compartment; the vertical fins are symmetrical to the upper and the lower surfaces of the aircraft and symmetrically installed between the middle wing section and the main wing section; the rear end of each vertical fin extends out of the tail of the middle wing section; the main wing section is connected with the folding wing section through the folding mechanism; the folding mechanism comprises a folding rotating shaft parallel with the body axis of the aircraft; the folding mechanism is arranged in the main wing section; and the folding wing section performs 180-degree uniform folding around the folding rotating shaft. The aircraft adopts a new morphing mode, can simultaneously change the aspect ratio and the wing profile, and has a wider deformation range, a better flight performance, a simple morphing mechanism and higher engineering realizability."



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