Vertical lift engine concepts (Comprehensive list? Future promise?)


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Dec 16, 2007
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Questions to discuss

Are any systems missing (and do you have better examples of each)?

What are the major design trade-offs in these systems?

What systems have development potential

The list

-- Dedicated lift jets

-- Rotated aircraft / rotated fuselage / tail-sitter

-- Vectored thrust (jet engine)

-- Propulsive wing (distributed)

-- Tilt-prop (upward or downwards)

-- Tilt rotor (or ducted fan) / tilt-wing / tilt-engine (jet)

-- Decoupled prop (e.g. X-2 and X-3 demonstrators)

-- Distributed Electric Fans,13981.msg155169.html#msg155169

-- Gas driven buried (or retractable) lift fans

-- Shaft driven buried (or retractable) lift fans

-- Rotary wing / stop-rotor,431.0.html

-- Stopped-Stowed (Retractable) rotor / Trail rotor

-- Disc-rotor

-- Thrust-augmented wing,2081.0.html

-- Pulse-Ejector-Thrust-Augmentor (PETA),224.msg131131.html#msg131131

-- Cyclogyros aircraft,2837.0.html

-- Fanwings,4458.msg54957.html#msg54957

-- Deflected slipstream (or extreme upper surface blowing),18461.msg177450.html#msg177450

-- Ion powered,14662.msg146667.html#msg146667

-- Volume / Lift balloons / Retractable Balloons,17348.0.html

-- Rockets (or rocket-parachute combinations),17250.msg21805.html#msg21805


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