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US Bomber Projects #21 and Spacecraft Projects #05


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Jun 3, 2006
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In case you missed it...
Scott Lowther aka Orionblamblam published US Bomber Projects #21 and Spacecraft Projects #05 two weeks ago. :)
US Bomber Projects #21
Cover art was provided by Rob Parthoens, www.baroba.be
US Bomber Projects Issue #21 includes:
  • Convair Submersible Nuclear Ramjet: a Mach 4 manned nuclear powered flying submarine
  • Bell MX-776: an early post-war pilotless airplane
  • Convair Manned Flyback Atlas: an unconventional recoverable ICBM
  • DTNSRDC PAR-WIG Strategic Deterrent: a low-flying aircraft packing 4 Trident ballistic missiles
  • Boeing Model 464-197: a supersonic B-52
  • Martin Model 151-K: a pre-war twin-engined medium bomber
  • Boeing Cruise Ballistic Missile: an entire aircraft packed into a silo, carrying an ICBM
  • MC-747 Air Mobile System: a 1973 concept for carrying up to seven ICBMs in a modified cargo jet
US Spacecraft Projects #05
US Spacecraft Projects Issue #05 includes:
  • Project HORIZON Lunar Lander: a late 1950’s US Army concept for a manned Lunar lander
  • Lockheed-Martin Mars Ascent/Descent Vehicle: A very recent concept for a future manned Mars vehicle
  • JPL Interstellar Precursor: a 970’s design for a space probe to interstellar space
  • Lockheed Modular Rotating Space Station: a truly gigantic design circa 1970
  • Lockheed Payload Carrier: an early 1960’s spaceplane for space station logistics
  • Martin-Marietta Winged NIMF: a nuclear powered “hopper”
  • Lockheed CL-414: a capsule for Man in Space Soonest
  • NASA HAVOC: High Altitude Venus Operational Concept, a 2015 project for manned exploration of the atmosphere of Venus
Both are now available at Scott's blog.
I will let him to post some pictures as appetizers here in this topic. ;)

Link: http://www.aerospaceprojectsreview.com/blog/?p=3368

I bought USBP #21 last week.
Now I am comparing the projects Boeing Model 464-197, Boeing Models 484 and 701 "XB-59" (USBP #18 & #20), the Boeing B-52 and Convair B-58 with each other. B)

Nick Sumner

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May 31, 2006
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'a Mach 4 manned nuclear powered flying submarine'

No want of ambition there then...


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Apr 5, 2006
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US Bomber Projects #22 preview



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