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16 September 2006
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I found mention of a Gloster Meteor (F.4) extensively modified in 1954 with Nene engines with thrust deflectors. Other changes were to go to old-style wings and the F.8 tail unit.

I have a few questions;

Does anyone have any pictures or an explanation of the deflectors?

The text doesn't make it clear whether the delfectors are variable geometry or fixed, I assume they are fixed. In this case why didn't they just angle the jet pipe downards (as in the Aerfer Sagittario/Ariete)

How hard is it to fit Nene engines into the Meteor? Obviously it was possible as with the above but why was the Nene resized to Derwent V if the Nene fit itself?

The conversion was RA490, an Meteor F.4 fitted with Vickers F2/4 Beryl turbojets, this is why the Nenes were fitted. The conversion was carried out by Westland (no mention in Westland Putnam) in 1952. The engines were ahead of the CG which was why an F.8 tail was used. The bigger nacelles are much longer which suggests the engine is mounted ahead of the spar.

The "jet pipes" had movable vanes to deflect the thrust either backwards or downwards, there might not have been any intermediate setting. The idea was to reduce landing speed, stalling speed in tests was some 30 knots slower. Tests continued until 1957.

The only photo I've ever seen is a shot from ahead, two pipes protrude from the bottom of the nacelle but few other details are clear.

Source: 'Straight Up: A History of Vertical Flight' by Steve Markman and Bill Holder published by Schiffer Military Books.
Here you go...

New I had a pic somewhere...

Courtesy of Wings of Fame Vol14... don't think it was ever available this side of the pond except in remaindered book shops...

Sorry for the quality, but they arn't great to start with...!



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Thanks very much Jens. The oversize nacelles probably aren't suitable for a production Nene engined Meteor.

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