Unknown missile under RN Phantom II wings


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22 January 2006
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I'd like to know the identity of that missile under these Royal Navy Phantom II

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That strake along the side of the missile reminds me of the AJ.168 Martel, but the main fins are wrong.

Possibly the AS-33/34 the missile developed from the AS-30 that was earmarked for TSR2. The design was sold off to West Germany to become the basis of the Kormorran whilst Aerospatiale revamped the design for both the AS-37 Martel and AS-39 Exocet.

I would guess the artist was supposed to do Martel and used the AS-34 design as its basis.
There is mention in a book on the Buccaneer that the MARTEL kit in the cockpit had originally been intended for the Phantom and the F111.

The Japanese firm Tamiya did a 1:100 scale Phantom in RN colours in kitform complete with MARTEL missiles. The artist may have copied his picture from the Tamiya catalogue or boxart.

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Perhaps it was Red Top.

There was a proposal to fit Red Top to the Phantom to give it a longer range IR missile than Sidewinder for use in ECM environments; it was not proceeded with due to the high cost of Red Top; £18,000 as opposed to approximately £6,000 for a Sparrow 6(b) and £3,900 for a Sidewinder.
Red Top's performance was assessed as similar to Sparrow in a non-ECM environment.

Source: DEFE 69/489.

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