Unknow sub

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I'll try to identify it tonight when I'll be back home but at first sight it seems a British WWI type ???

Hasta luego

The closest think I've found to match your pic it's the British D-Class submarine. What you call "towers" are the aerials for its wireless com system. But since I'm not a subs expert I'm not 100% sure about the identity.

Saludos :)

Slightly resembles the British K class steam powered sumbmarine, however because the upper works behind the conning tower fade so much into the sky background that it is hard to tell. The K class had a very elongated wintergarten behind the conning tower with a smoke stack at it's far end.

Nicknamed by RN sailors as the K-alamity class
It appears to be a WW1 German U-Boat.
The ship in the background appears to be an American Chester class scout cruiser.
I'd guess that it is the U-53 which visited the US in 1916.


That would make the cruiser the USS Birmingham which was the Flagship of Destroyer Force Atlantic Fleet, and Torpedo Flotilla 3 at that time (according to Wikipedia)


It MIGHT be one of the U-boats that was captured and toured the US after the war but I don't think any of the 3 Chesters would be in the picture if that was the case. Also, its hard to tell but the uniforms appear to be German, so I'm gonna stick with U-53.
that must be WW1 German U-Boat.
because the German Imperial Navy flags on Sub and Battleship are Black out

the German Imperial Navy flag is forbidden in Federal germany
because extreme far right and Neo Nazi use the flag

i think must be a Type "Zweihüllen-Hochsee-Boot" U9-U12 sub


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