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Underwater Firearm Prototypes


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Jun 25, 2017
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The AG-026 was a prototype underwater machine gun developed for use in the Triton-1M midget sub

The B-VI-07 was a prototype that was a precursor design to the SPP-1

VBR OWP is a modern Belgian prototype underwater pistol

The Shkval is an AK-74 deriver underwater assault rifle prototype. Not much about it is known.

In the incredible article by H I Sutton on existing underwater firearms, he includes a section on the Self Supressed Unit, a project in Yugoslavia for an underwater pistol that was cancelled due to the breakup of the nation. Development wan't entirely halted, but the intended customer was gone so it never entered service.


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Mar 11, 2006
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Already mentioned by Covert Shores, nevertheless, here are the entries of some underwater guns from the
"Mitteilungen des Vereins der Freunde und Förderer der Wehrtechnischen Studiensammlung e.V. ", issue 13, 1996,
when the following weapons could be added to the collection of this association.

- Heckler & Koch, Germany : P-11
- Institute of Precise Mechanical Engineering, Izhevsk, Soviet Union, 1971 : Underwater Assault Rifle APS
- Tznitochmash Klimovsk, Soviet Union, 1971 : SPP-1


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Jun 30, 2019
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Other Soviet belt-fed machine gun, theme "Moruzh" ("Morskoye ORUZHie" - "Naval Weapon"):
Theme "Medusa" - large-caliber machine guns, 13.1/8 mm and 14.95/8 mm cartridges (KEP shells).
13.1/8 mm - penetrate a 10 mm steel plate at 23 m (underwater)
14.95/8 mm - 600 mps (underwater)
Project with 14.95/8 mm cartridge - 120 rpm, 60-round and more in belt.
Modern Russian project - 12 gauge 3 inch case cartridge with special bullet, for using at air and underwater.
Modern Russian 5.45x39 PSP - underwater bullet:
PSP 2.jpg
Standart - 16 g (246 gr), 333 mps (1092 fps) (air)
Trainig - 8 g (123 gr), 430 mps (1711 fps) (air)
5.45x39 PSP more effective in water and at air, than old 4.5 and 5.66 mm cartridges. Also, weapon for this cartridge can use standart military 5.45x39.
Analogical cartridge created based on 7.62x39.
Experimental "Bars-1", or also ADSh (Avtomat Dvuhsredniy Shturmovoy - AR double-environment assault) - 7.62x39, based on AKM. Author - Alexander Shevchenko, Russian gunmaker (not Victor Shevchenko, Ukrainian gunmaker). Damped automatic, very accuracy at air, in full-auto 3x20 firing, with new compensator, better than AKM 9.44 times, than M16A1 7.77 times, than M16A2 2.91 times, than AK-74M 3 times.
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