UDD Soviet Long Range Strike Boat


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3 March 2006
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According to Mark Wade's astronautix site, this was conceived circa 1961 by TsKB-17 in Leningrad to launch Beriev P-100 intercontinental attack/reconnaisance cruise missile(s). (However, according to russianspaceweb, P-100 originated from OKB-49, while Beriev designed the smaller P-10. Confusing.) Would anyone have more info. on and/or drawings of this "boat," which actually seems to have been a large surface ship? P-100 missile weighed 14 tonnes, but am primarily interested in the platform, not the weapon to be carried thereon.
As boxkite's no around, I'll post a photo from an article, I've got
from him for the APR article about soviet seaplane jetbombers.
Sorry, quality is quite bad, the original was just a xerox. But it
shows the P-10 obviously on a submarine, with an installation,
that seems to be quite similar to that for Regulus on USS Tunny.
The Beriev P-10B, the fet flying boat was intended to be launched
from submarine, too. The artist's impression shows it taking off from,
maybe a Zulu class submarine ? The whole system of submarine/flying
boat would have probably been a very delicate affair and diving surely

If you're interested, I can scan the article for you, maybe you can read
it. I can't, it's in russian ...


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Already have that APR article for which you did the drawings, and can't read Russian myself, either. Thanks for trying, but what about P-100 (not P-10) with its UDD carrier? UDD=Russian acronym for Long Range Strike Boat.
Hmmm. TsKB-17 was known primarily for it's Cruiser and Destroyer designs.

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