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25 July 2007
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Mod. Perhaps this thread could be renamed something like "Su-80 Status"?
It appears imminently practical to me, especially for less developed areas. Very nice work that. Speaking of the Su-80 (big fan myself) is the program just stalled or has it died completely?
Thanks yasotay. That was exactly what I had in mind -- back to bush flying. ;D

I haven't heard anything of the Su-80 in about a year (KnAAPO was to supply airframes in kit form for assembly in China).

A small Toronto firm, Aero Stock Inc., is the North American dealer but, as far as I know, Sukhoi completed AP-25 certification but not FAR-25 or JAR-25/CS-25. That makes sales in North America all but impossible (although it would help keep the unit costs down elsewhere).

Venezuela was said to be showing interest (at least according to a discussion on but the US would be sure to veto the export of CT7 engines. AFAIK, the Su-80 never flew with TV7-117s or the like.

Added: It occurs to me that the SNCAC NC.1070 is another example of this layout. That one didn't get very far either! :p
I remember a lovely discussion at one of the Russian forums not long ago.
As Pogosyan said, 'Su-80 is a shame of our design bureau". In short, designers view on what airplane local airlines/cargo transporters need, is far different from what they really need from potential buyers of view. And, it's damn expensive bird! Being cute for eye, airplane totally aside of current infrastructure, financial capabilities and even ergonomics of dying local airfields of mother Russia. One of examples - you can't step in without a ladder, cabin floor is too high. While Sukhoi sale persons tried to commit that 'every local airfield has appropriate ladder for that - to a person who happened to be former local airlines pilot (and knew exactly that this is hell not so in fact). After he explained them that they are out of this world, they became grumpy and said something like 'F***k off. We are serious guys, we are making sales. You are hampering us to make our job."
But it seems that they weren't "making sales" at all... :D

The devil is always in the details. But does the basic layout have drawbacks? I'm wondering specifically about the 'extra' horizontal surfaces attaching the booms to the truncated fuselage. I presume that they generate some lift but what about drag?
Just some figures
Su-80 programme cost was estimated MUSD $45-60 for Sukhoi and KNAAPO
Su-80 pricetag went up to 230-280 mln roubles depending on modification = MUSD 9.47 - 11.52 (before was said that cargo/pax version would be just MUSD 4,56-6,00)
In November, 2003 Su-80 chief designer Litvinov talked of 'soft' orders for 62 aircrafts from 12 Russian airlines plus 24 from China ans Southwest Asia countries. Now it's clear that it's gone.
Most of all Litvinov was worrying about second-hand analogs from the West, offered for lease to Russian companies - Dash-8, SAAB-340 and Bomardier-120 with a pricetag starting at MUSD 9,00. Now it's clear that he was absolutely right about that. As well, no orders from border patrol, FSB, Emercom arised.

Sukhoi must shot someone in their marketing dept. surely.

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