Tupolev Tu-204P


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Aug 14, 2009
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Model of Tupolev Tu-204P anti-submarine warfare concept.


Via Google Translate:

The project antisubmarine patrol aircraft. Development of the aircraft began Bureau named. Tupolev-based passenger plane Tu-204 at the decision of the Russian Defense Ministry in 1996 after the termination of the program of creating anti-aircraft A-40. Probably developed preliminary design or conceptual design of the aircraft. Development of the aircraft and the funding stopped, probably in 2000.

Construction - plane normal aerodynamic scheme - Tu-204 airframe. Inside the plane was supposed to accommodation compartments with equipment and weapons.

Engines (data on the Tu-204) - 2 x TVRD PS-90A - turbofan engine with a high bypass ratio, the mixing of the flow of air and gases, general jet nozzle and thrust reversers.
Link takeoff thrust (ISA, H = 0) - 16000 kg
Thrust maximum cruise thrust (ISA + 100 ° C, H = 11 km, M = 0.8) - 3400 kg
Bypass ratio at max. mode - 4.7
The compression ratio at max. mode - 31.1
Air consumption - 485 kg / s
Specific fuel consumption at cruising (N = 11 km, M = 0.8, ISA + 100C) - 0.595 kg / kg per hour
The length of the engine air intake - 5530 mm
Fan diameter - 1.90 m
Engine weight - 4800 kg

TTH aircraft (basic Tu-204):
Length - 46.14 m
Wingspan - 41.8 m
Height - 13.88 m
Fuselage diameter - 3.8 m

Maximum Take-off Weight - 103 000 kg
Mass planting the maximum - 88 000 kg
Payload weight - 21 000 kg

Flight range - 5200 km

Armament: probably supposed to equip the aircraft for a minimum set of weapons similar weapon systems of the aircraft IL-38 and Tu-142.

The structure of weapons allegedly included:
- Sonobuoys for anti-submarine search engine.
- Explosive discharged sound sources (VIZ s).
- Anti-submarine bombs.
- Aviation anti-submarine torpedoes.
- Anti-aircraft missiles.
- Sea mines.

Perhaps there were plans to equip the aircraft and missile weapons.

It is possible that the aircraft could be equipped with rescue container type CAS.

It is likely that an airplane planned to install anti-submarine poiskvovuyu system "Emerald-8" and its further development - "Sea Dragon" / "Novella". Development of the complex was carried out in 1990-2000 years of the Research Institute of Systems Engineering HC "Leninist" (St. Petersburg).

The complex equipment probably were:
- Radar system with long-range radar;
- Radiogidroakusticheskaya system;
- Magnetometric system with sensors on the wing of the aircraft;
- Radio system;
- Opto-thermal system with sensors on the sides of the forward fuselage;
- Board computer;
- Navigation equipment.

On samoet planned to install equipment for in-flight refueling.

Title: Russia - preliminary design, the plane was not built and flown.

Artemyev AM Antisubmarine aircraft. M., 2002 (source).
Panatov GS Naval aviation in the service of Russia. M., "Restart +", 2000 (source).


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