TL-1 and HL-1 Made in Vietnam


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31 January 2008
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Anyone know how far these projects of the Vietnamese AF Institute of Science and Technology progressed? I understand that prototypes of both the TL-1 (side-by-side seating) and HL-1 (tandem-seating) were built around 1984/1985.
Never saw technical details and wonder what engine was used (Lycoming or Continental?)
...see the TL.1 at this site:
Back in December 2009 I asked for some info on the TL-1 (4-seat cabin) and HL-1 (2-seat tandem) Tu Luc designs from Vietnam. Since then I learned there was also an HL-2 (second HL-1 prototype?).
AFAIK all 3 aircraft are now in the Hanoi Aviation Museum. I hope there is now some more (technical) info available and in particular I am interested to know what engines were used in these aircraft. It is quite possible that the TL-1 had a Franklin 6A-350 from a Rallye 220GT. As to the HL-1 and HL-2, I was never able to find out what engine was fitted. Any info is very welcome and I tyhank you in advance.
...AFAIK all 3 aircraft are now in the Hanoi Aviation Museum...

Yes, photos of all three can be seen here:

TL-1 (01)-
HL-1 (84-02) -
HL-2 (87-03) -

Possibly also of interest is the VNS-41 light amphibian based on the Russian Gidroplan Che-22 Korvet (possibly as a kit airframe).
VNS-41 (401) -

Alas, no engine type or other technical details mentioned :(
Dear Anophenia. thank you for the info/links. Very welcome!
Seems the only solution is to start saving money, wait for the crisis to go away and travel to Hanoi to find the answers.


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