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1 May 2006
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Who has a picture of the German R.F.B Tiro Trainer project proposed 1994 as a replacement for the Piaggio 149 ?
It was a jet version of the Fantrainer...
thanks for the help !
I was under the impression that RFB was taken over by DASA and produced the DASA Ranger 2000 , Trio was produced by Rheinflugseubau.


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:) thanks a lot ,JAZZ !
In fact ,RFB left Deutsche Aerospace during 1990 .
The then "Fan Ranger "was designed by DASA for the US JPATS trainer competition .
It entered competition under the name " Rockwell/DASA FR-06 Ranger 2000 "
First flight 1993
3 prototypes
Competition won by the Pilatus PC 9
In 1994 RFB ( no more in DASA ) proposed a pure jet evolution of his ducted fan " Fantrainer " as replacement of the old Piaggio-Fw 149 :the " Tiro Trainer "
If you looks at those three planes the common origine is obvious ; ( wing,cockpit ,tail ) but the Ranger 2000 was heavier .
have a nice day
The Tiro-Trainer isn't the same as the Ranger 2000.


At the beginning of the nineties, the design of the Rhein-Flugzeugbau Tiro-Trainer was developed under Christoph Fischer at Rhein-Flugzeugbau . It was to be equipped with a Williams Rolls-Royce FJ44 engine and use modern jacket screw technology, which Hanno Fischer had developed in the late eighties as part of the Whisperfan technology. He was offered to the Thai Air Force in 1994 as a replacement for the RTAF Fantrainer. [9]Rhein-Flugzeugbau was no longer able to implement the project after leaving the DASA consortium.
From; Brassey's world aircraft & systems directory, 1996-97


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