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This is hilarious Funny...


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Jun 6, 2006
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All right, all right. Good point. Theory two. Sid's eating broccoli. Dinosaur eats Sid, dinosaur steps on broccoli. Leaving broccoli... A vegetable.
(Buck the weasel, Ice Age 3)

CIA Headquarters. 1963


We need to find creative ways of getting ride of Fidel Castro. I have a clever plan for that.

Plan A - Cuba is renewed for cigars. Castro loves cigars. We pass him a cigar where tobacco is replaced by gunpowder. When Castro lights his cigar, the cigar blows his head. Job done !

"Are you nut ? will never work. And we can't kill Castro, we promised the Soviets.

"All right, all right. Good point. Plan B. We find Castro cook, promise him 1 million dollar and political asylum in Miami. Cook puts LSD into Castro breakfast before a speech. Castro eats the drugged food, climbs to the tribune, starts his speech and soon become a stoned wreck. People thinks he is a loony, remove him from power. Job done !

"Are you serious ?

"All right, all right. Good point. Plan C. We find Castro cook, promise him 1 million dollar and political asylum in Miami.
"Again ?"
"Cook puts anti-cancer drug into Castro food. Anti-cancer drug destroys Castro beard. Castro no longer a barbudo. Lost his credibility. His followers rebel against him thinking he is a traitor, and throw him out of power. Job done !

"Geez. When you did you lose your mind exactly ?

"Well... three months ago. I woke up one day, married to an iranian mullah. An ugly iranian mullah. But I loved him... and he gave me the adress from Khomeini cook. Wants to get ride of this one, too ? I have some plans for him. We promise the cook 1 million dollar and political asylum..."

"Shut up."

Foo Fighter

I came, I saw, I drank some tea (and had a bun).
Jul 19, 2016
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My guess is some kind of flammable liquid was poured in first, fumes off that collect and whamo. I think the dog goes off to the left behind the idiot but is definitely limping.