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28 October 2006
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it is but a few short weeks since I joined the site.
I have not posted much as I’m still being carried along by the strong undertow of the amazing array of exceedingly interesting topics and posts.

Everytime I log on I find so much just to read, never mind comment.
And already I’ve gathered much info to help me with my profiles.

So I’d just like to thank you all for making my time here so exciting and rewarding.

Brilliant stuff.

Thanks again
Credit where credit is due.

Yes we do rock!
More rock than a rock concert in a quarry... ;D

;D ::) :eek:
Flitzer said:
Everytime I log on I find so much just to read, never mind comment...

I have found designs I never dreamed of,
Companies I never knew existed,
Companionship I never anticipated...

In this place, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth...

Everyone: To use a phrase uncharacteristic of one my age: "You Totally ROCK!" ;D
Group hug!

??? With hundreds of men? ???

Please, don't forget we are still waiting for the first female SPF member - YEARNING! 8)
I hope my daughter would be the first, just let her grow (she was born last October) ;D
I take much more from this site than I can give. But there is so much to take! I moved over to ships from aircraft quite a while ago, and decided to restrict aircraft to piston engine monoplanes, but this site is changing my mind. Wonderful! Where do you find it all?

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