The Other USS United States (CVN 75)


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19 December 2006
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As you might not know, CVN-75 was laid down as USS UNITED STATES; but her name was changed to USS HARRY S TRUMAN before christening and then commissioning.

"Another example was a rivalry of sorts in Congress between those who supported naming the aircraft carrier CVN-76 for president Truman and those who supported naming it for president Reagan; the issue was effectively resolved by a decision announced by President Clinton in February 1995 to name one carrier (CVN-75) for Truman and another (CVN-76) for Reagan."

Patrick Pexton, “Clinton Compromise: Carriers Truman And Reagan,” Navy Times, February 13, 1995: 19.
“Navy Announces Aircraft Carrier To Be Named For President Truman,” Associated Press, February 2, 1995.


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It can honestly be said that Harry S Truman is the only preseident to "sink" two ships named USS United States -- CVA-58 in 1951 and CVN-75 in 1995! ;)
That's my old girl! I was a plankowner and I was there from 1998 to 2003. I can definitely vouch for the name change thing. it's one of the first things we were briefed on at our indoc upon checking in.

"Treat your ship like a lady, and she'll always bring you home.". How very true. The best years of my life were spent while serving aboard that ship.

My biggest regret regarding this subject though, is that I should have gotten the "USS United States" command ballcap while I had the chance. It was sold in some tourist shop at the Waterside in downtown Norfolk. Always said I would get it but I never did.

Wonder how much that would fetch me now.


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