T-38 and T-200 U.S. rockets - what is this?


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10 November 2007
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In the Duncan Curtis book "North American F-86 Sabre" I found information about proposed armament for F-93 (F-86C) "penetration fighter". It was 6 guns and bombs etc. and "16 x 5in T-38 High Velocity Aircraft Rockets or 8 x 5in T-200 rockets".
The former I think is probably the same as Navy 5" HVAR (Holy Moses) one of most popular rockets in 40/50s - am I right? And what is the latter?
ROCKET, HE, 4.5-INCH, AIRCRAFT: T38 was the first model in a series of which at least four were standardized:
M16 (T38E3)
M18 (T38E2)
M20 (T38E7) (OCM 35812)
M22 (T38E8)
They were probably at least obsolescent by the time armament for the F-93 was being considered and also definitely 4.5 inch. T38 was also the development designation of the 5 inch aircraft rocket modification kit standardized by OCM 32437 as the M34, and this may be the source of some confusion.

ROCKET, HE, 5-INCH, AIRCRAFT: T200 fuzed PDSQ T2019 was developed under DA Project 503-03-009 and associated Ordnance Project TB3-1838T. It was cancelled by OCM 33426 dated 27 April 1950, so seems to be within the F-93 timeframe.
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