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28 November 2006
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Robert Jackson in his "Combat Aircraft Prototypes since 1945" mentions an unbuilt derivative of the Gloster E.1/44:

A swept-wing version was projected under Specification 23/46, but no work went ahead with this and no production orders were placed.

Elsewhere on the Internet there are some information that the specification in question was designated E.23/46.

Do you know anything more than that? I would be really grateful for any information, including any drawing (if they exist at all).

Best regards,
Specification No. 23/46/P

Interestingly in an article on Gloster Ace (aka E.1/44) in the "International Air Power Review" Vol. 24, Specificaction No. 23/46/P (with no "E" or any other letter) is being mentioned - you may find a relevant cut-out here. It seems that "Specification 23/46/P" was related to production of E.1/44 aircraft rather than its swep-wing or other versions. On the other hand however "after a revision" the specification described a low-lewel fighter-bomber variant with reduced wingspan. It would be great to find out if there were other "revisions" of the specification that were somehow related to swept-wing (fighter) version of the project.

By the wayt at https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/gloster-e1-44-prototype-aircraft-745220422 there is info that someone has been selling a 9-page copy of the Specification, and its first page is published there (and attached here).


EDIT: '29 April' at the beginning of the cut-out means 29 April 1946


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I never saw this topic my dear Petrus,

but I will check.
Specification 23/46/P would have been the Ministry of Supply's own specification to cover the standard of preparation expected from Gloster for the production aircraft.

It's worth remembering that under the British system the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Supply issued their own specification numbers in their own systems.

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