Supersonic/Hypersonic Attack Aircraft (SHAAFT)

...and here goes SHMAC and SCREMAR =) Those US Air Force Academy cadets had a sense of humor indeed...


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I was always hoping to see the X-30 roll out to the tune of Boston's "Launch" off their Third Stage album back in the day. :'(
It's a complicated plane, and no one understands it but but its designers... ;)
Kann iou SCREMAR ? Battsie ??
Betty, Mister Zoblotnick ask can you scream ?
from David Lynch TV series "On the Air"

back to Supersonic/Hypersonic attack aircraft (SHAAFT)
its interesting who over time Idea are "Recycled"
SHAAFT multifunctional intrigue me:
the Zero stage use as SUPER Concorde
the SHAAFT can be used as fast delivery Cargo system for Military
and with third stage you got space shuttle
(not a new Idea, first shuttle proposals hab third stages)

SHAAFT Can you dig it ? ;)


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Re: US Prompt Global Strike Capability

I'll just post the thing and we can work through it together, if people think S3 is deserving of it's own thread as an unbuilt pre-PGS system as well as it's hypersonic constituent parts I'll move it all the but I have no doubt this is PGS before it had that name.

So far look out for info you have on the mentioned:

SHAAFT Mach 12 ISR/strike platform with rocket and dusk mode RAM/SCRAM engines that launches;
SHMAC hypersonic missile (also to be carried by everything from F-15 strike Eagles to P-3 Orions or at sea via VLS)
Also launches a TAV in the BLACK HORSE category (trying to find the concept paper referencd unless anyone has it) or Beta SLV. The orbiter is in the 50,000lb gross category.

Any info or analysis greatly appreciated, especially on the specific questions I hate laid out. The references in this one paper alone will be fascinating. If it wasn't authored by the people it was and published by the USAF academy and submitted to AIAA it would be less interesting but this is a call for PGS and manned hypersonics as hear term in 96.

Particularly interested in BLACK HORSE.

Link to whole paper:

Still dissecting it.
Here's black horse:

I'm printing and binding a number of papers, when I get the BLACK HORSE paper I mentioned specifically unless onetyer I can't find has been created.

I will get to that paideir eventually, but I'm trying to go methodically through things and printing and building my old stuff so you'll have to bare with me, my budget can only take so much.

Hope this gets a few neurones ticking over. Anyone who has BLACK HORSE info outside of the AIAA paper mentioned I'd be very interested in. Looking at military access to dodge around this time might help me crack COPPER CANYON and it's two buddies.
Is that a real Project for it ?,



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