Sukhoi S-80 design concepts

Original version.
Picture taken by me at the MAKS-1997.


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borovik said:
Original version.
Picture taken by me at the MAKS-1997.

Sir, you are mistaken. The configuration pictured is the S-80PT (patrol/transport version) that was revealed after the S-80 design concepts shown in my earlier posts. The larger rear wing design configuration of the S-80 would disappear in 1993.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1994-1995 lists the following variants of the S-80 that Sukhoi planned to manufacture:

S-80DT: Military light assault transport.
S-80GR: Adapted to carry geological exploration equipment.
S-80M: Ambulance for 10 stretcher patients and attendant.
S-80P: Basic cargo/passenger version with up to 24 passengers or 2,500 kg (5,510 lb) of freight.
S-80PT: Patrol/transport version.
S-80R: Fishery surveillance version.

Source: Lambert, Mark ed. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1994-1995 Jane's Information Group Ltd. 1994 p. 367.
Sukhoi S-80PT

The S-80PT, a patrol-transport version of the S-80 aircraft, the Emergency Situation Ministry and Boarder Guard Service of Russian Federation showed their interested in, is capable of all-weather round-the-clock missions patrolling sea and ground borderlines for 6-9 hours. In addition, this version is capable of giving a lift to troops and materiel, airdrop of troops and cargo, pipeline inspection, ice drift control, search and rescue missions.

The patrol/transport version of the S-80 aircraft is equipped with a Strizh on-board complex (developed by the Leninets holding company) which includes multifunctional all-round looking radar installed in the forebody and infrared imaging equipment. The Strizh complex allows acquisition of ship-type targets at ranges up to 220 km and location of a man aboard inflatable life raft at distances up to 1.5-2 km. Via special-purpose radio channel interception groups, combat units or rescue teams can be guided to the located air, sea or ground targets.

On-board arrangement of Strizh complex components provides for a usage of inner space for solution of respective tasks (particularly, housing 20 parachutists or paratroopers).

The S-80PT is fitted with a container-installed gun located under the fuselage. Four undenting suspension units can accommodate guided 'air-to-surface', 'air-to-air' missiles and unguided missile modules.

Design: OKB Sukhoi
Type: S-80PT
Function: patrol-transport aircraft
Crew: 2
Paratroopers: 20

Dimensions & Weight
Wingspan (m): 23.16
Length (m): 17,.5
Overall height (m): 5.58
Wing area (sq m ): 44
Maximal take-off weight (kg): 12,500
Maximal payload (kg): 3000
Fuel weight, kg ( litr ): 2350 (2500)

Engines: turboprop GE CT-9B
Power, h.p. (kWt): 2х 1870

Performance (projected)
Cruising speed (km/h): 510
Operating range with 1560 kg load, km: 2,475
Ferry range (km): 2,890
Time of a loitering of an airplane, hours 10-12
Practical ceiling (m): 8,000
Cruising altitude (m): 6,000
Take-off run (Gmax, MCA, H=0m)(m): 555
Landing roll (with braking and reverse of propeller)(m): 280



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Sukhoi S-80 Specifications (Circa 1992)

Type: Twin-turoprop multi-purpose STOL transport.

Program: Shown in model form at 1989 Paris Air Show; powerplant selected and overall size and weight increased 1990.

Design features: Tandem high-wing configuration; larger rear wing has anhedral on outer panels, and winglets; fuselage pod suspended from both wings; twin sweptback fins and rudders carried on two tailbooms that extend rearward from engine nacelles and connect both wings; horizontal tail surfaces bridge tips of toed-in tail fins; fuselage and many other components of composites.

Landing gear: Retractable tricycle type, with single wheel on each unit; mainwheels retract into sponsons on each side of the cabin at the rear; nosewheel retracts forward.

Power plant: Two 1,156 kW (1,550 shp) Rybinsk TVD-1500 turboprops.

Accomodation: Two seats on the flight deck; main cabin can seat 21 passengers or be equipped for air ambulance, freight transport, or special civilian and military tasks including air photography. Door at center of cabin on port side; rear loading doors and ramp.

Avionics: Intended for IFR operation; autoland standard.

Dimensions external
Span of rear wing: 23.10 m (75 ft 9.5 in)
Length overall: 16.00 m (52 ft 6 in)
Height overall: 4.90 m (16 ft 1 in)

Weights and loadings
Max payload: 2,100 kg (4,630 lb)
Max T-O weight: 8,200 kg (18,075 lb)

Source: Lambert, Mark ed. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1992-1993 Jane's Information Group Ltd. 1992 p. 245.
Any word on recent additional orders? And has there been any progress on the S-80PT front?
The design must have been changed in 1992 rather than 1993 because this is the photo I took at Farnborough in 1992.
Note also the specification plate under the mockup that I zoomed in from the original photo (sorry for the poor quality it is barely readable) with outrageous performance specs like 4500km range and 180m landing run.


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Grey Havoc said:
Pity. Not enough orders?

yes, because 'zero' falls exactly in this category

here is a drawings for two Sukhoi S-80 variants.


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flateric said:
Grey Havoc said:
Pity. Not enough orders?

yes, because 'zero' falls exactly in this category

That is sad to hear. If we aren't going to develop an equivalent plane, then Canada should logically have ordered them (Setting politics and our going neglect of our STOL/Northern capacity aside).
Only Canada and Russia have a strong tradition of designing light-medium weight STOL transports. It is a shame if this tradition gets neglected in both countries.
Sukhoi S-80 some variants;


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From Air Force 1997/7.


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