South Korea Tests SLBM (Hyunmoo 4-4) (korean article) (english article)
The first ship of the Dosan Ahn Chang Ho-class is fitted with 6 cold launch VLS (vertical launch systems) reportedly capable of launching both the Hyunmoo 4-4 SLBM and a submarine launched land attack cruise missile (SLCM) known as Hyunmoo 3C with a range of 1,500 Km. The follow-on class, known as KSS III Batch 2, will be fitted with up to 10 of those VLS, as Naval News reported previously. However, the MND still has not officially confirmed exact information about the development, size, and length of SLBMs, even whether the 3,000 tons submarines would be loaded with ballistic missiles.

No confirmed details about the dimensions / mass of the SLBM, the VLS cells, and etc (and the first time I've seen the Hyunmoo-4-4 designation). Most sources, including the Yonhap report, describe the SLBM as a 500-km range derivative of the Hyunmoo-2B.

There are r&d projects for larger VLS cells, but the public probably won't see anything for another decade (reported by a journalist named Sheldon, but he doesn't like people reposting his stuff). With the recent scrapping of missile guidelines (, longer range SLBM's are likely in the works. Also wonder if they'll switch to something resembling the VPM for batch-3 KSS-III's.

Finally, some pictures of the VLS cells installed on Batch-1 KSS-III's.


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