SNCASE (Sud-Est) SE. X.311 "Helibus" helicopter

Good photo of the model, thank you !
Designation was SE.311 .
(from Der Flieger 1953)


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Good find my dear Jemiba,

but do you mean the SE.3110 or X-311 ?.
I can only tell, whats in the description of the mentioned magazine, but you're right, it's a
little bit strange, as the SE.3110 was a totally different heli (see below).
About a SE. X-311 I have found nothing, so, maybe that would have been the correct
designation of this tandem rotor. No magazine is, or was without errors ! ;)


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Thank you my dear Jemiba,

I think it was X-311,because the SNCASE design which did not give
a normal series,went to X series.

I thin it was a misprint and they meant SE-211 or SE X-211,
it is the logical series,and by that time there was no X 300
Actually the Type 192 (The actual Belvedere) was powered by Napier Gazelle turboshafts. The earlier Type 173 technology demonstrators had piston engines but Bristol moved in the direction of gas turbines as soon as they could.
From Ailes 18-7-1953,

a more Info about X-311.


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