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14 June 2006
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Yes, Sikorsky. This a kind of post an "enthusiast" could have well done (see here for explanations,7352.msg63880.html#msg63880 ;) ). Perusing the 1959 Aviation Week year I stumbled on this project. Designer was Michael Gluhareff, Sikorsky's engineering manager and father of, inter alia, the S-40, S-42 and S-44 seaplanes. The project was presented to the company's annual shareholder meeting. Engines were 4 J-58-C of an advanced version in the 30.000 lbs thrust class. Max speed Mach 2.5 at 50.000 feet. Gross weight 300.000 lbs with a 40.000 lbs payload (same percentage as the 707 and DC-8). Range 3600 miles and cruse speed on Mach 2.3 with 110.000 lbs of fuel. Sikorsky showed the design to PanAm. Double deck arrangement is interesting.
Of note is that the wing shape is the same used by the S-57 design (the S-57 had the tail on the underside and a later version of the SST would have had the same arrangement). The wing was tested both at RAE and at NASA (Langley ?). The original report comntained a lot of experimental data, so this is more than a "PR" stunt. The wing was called "convex" or "heart" or "planform". There could be some NASA report around. Don't know of actual link with the Air Force supersonic military transport (it was SR-something, damn..) studies.


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Same reaction as mine, at first. But the data supplied have some merit. Look in the mail.
The wing shape evolved not much from the initial Gluhareff 'Dart'..
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