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Shigeno type Wakadori-go.


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May 31, 2007
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Hi! Shigeno type Wakadori-Go.
"Wakadori-go" was designed by Baron Kiyotake Shigeno at France in 1912.
It was made in the factory of the aircraft maker Sharr Lou. Multi-leaf airplane
Total length of about 8m incorporating the latest knowledge and technology at the time as, width of about 10 m and a weight of 370 kg, it had an air-cooled radial type Anzani 6-cylinder engine with 60 horsepower and it exceeds 100 km / h.
At that time, compared to monoplanes, biplane’s width of the wing was shortened, and it was easy to store it. In addition, the technology of the time, the biplane was lighter and stronger, but the structure become complicated.
The biplane with the wing and the half wing like "Wakadori-go" intended to combine the merit of the biplane and the monoplane.
Thin steel pipe was used for the material of the wing and the fuselage.
Circular shape rudder and pigeon-shaped tail wing similar to high performance aircraft at the day.
And the upper wing rear edge was the deflection wing rather than the auxiliary wing. (later modified).
It was an ambitious aircraft.
By the way, "Wakadori" was from the name of his wife, Mrs. Wakako, who died during his Western trip.
In 1868, Baron Shigeno, the designer, was born by viscount family Kiyoharu Shigeno, lieutenant general in the Army.
After dropping out of the Army Childhood School by illness,he entered the Tokyo music school and studied music in France.
Baron Shigeno seemed to absorbed by the car and the airplane that boomed in Europe.
Then he got the license of the car and the aircraft. The license of the airplane was from the same flight school as Captain Yoshitosi Tokugawa and he became the second Japanese pilot who had the license.
The Wakadori-go made several test flights in France.
After test flight, Wakodori-Go was brought to Japan with Baron Shigano.
In September 1900, at Tokorozawa Airfield Wakadori-Go made the first flight in Japan, but because the deflection wing did not function enough, the aircraft came into contact with the ground and wrecked.
It was renovated in April of the following year and exhibited sufficient flight performance.
However, Baron Shigano was return to france in 1914, and the aircraft engine was diverted to other aircraft. In the photo, "WAKADORI" was written on the fuselage of the compact and a proud japanese “Hinomaru” was drawn on the tail wing.


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