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Aug 27, 2009
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Yesterday evening, I learned of the plight of author Shane Johnson, author of "Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise," "The Worlds of the Federation," "The Star Wars Technical Journal," and several novels, including "Ice" (about a fictional Apollo 19).

This author is suffering from a number of life-threatening conditions, is unemployed and not yet on Social Security disability. I have contributed to a GoFunMe page. Please do so as well. Details on illnesses follow:

Depression, bouts of tachycardia and irregular heart rhythms, streaming nosebleeds that refused to stop, blinding headaches and extremely high blood pressure were becoming the norm for Johnson. In August of 2005, Johnson's health became so severe that he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital were he remained for a week where doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of survival.

Recently she has been forced to deal with another set back and that is the lack of work and the loss of insurance due to her divorce in 2015. Without insurance, Johnson is in a life or death situation. Johnson was born with a very rare birth defect in her neck called a forth branchial cleft malformation. This birth defect affects muscles, nerves and arteries in the neck. If untreated, this defect can cause extremely life threatening issues.

Johnson has had over two dozen surgeries by various doctors throughout her life. Unfortunately, no one has been able to correct the damage done by a surgeon who worked on her in her childhood or alleviate any of the original problem. Due to the damage, Johnson endures chronic, serious and painful infections several times a year and swelling in her neck that can swell to the point of rupture.

Currently, Johnson has become resistant to antibiotics and due to a surgeon making the damage worse in 2013, infections can now travel through out her body. The danger is if the infections compromise her carotid artery, which they have in the past, she could die. “When I was younger, my body could fight off the repeated attacks. Now, as their intensity increases and they become an even greater threat, my life is in danger and my time to find a resolution is running out.” Adding to the crucial health state Johnson finds herself in, the mass infections have led to vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels.

Johnson has set up a GoFundMe page in an effort to help offset the medical costs that she will endure for a much needed surgery. “One specialist in Dallas believes she can correct the problem and save my life, but since I lost my medical insurance in the divorce and cannot yet pursue her care.”

I was born with multiple rare birth defects that without proper treatment will prove fatal.

My heart isn't structured like most people's and as a result I'm now dealing with congestive heart failure that has come on with age. I've begun treatments I cannot afford that are expensive but I must have them if I am to live. The daily fatigue is debilitating and I'm very limited physically. My heart failure also makes any other surgeries I need, such as on my neck, far more dangerous.

The inside of my neck did not form properly, causing chronic mass infections, loss of healthy tissue and difficulty swallowing. My treatment was badly mishandled by a surgeon when I was a child, though his three-year, nine-operation treatment of me seemed at first to have helped. But my condition returned with a vengeance and visits to other doctors revealed what poor care I'd received.

The severe neck infections I suffer are intensely painful and require surgery. They flare-up without warning, swelling massively and causing my neck to rupture. With each occurrence they grow worse and have begun to move into my upper chest, where they may go systemic. I've become resistant to antibiotics, even the powerful ones they give me intravenously.
After dozens of failed operations and hospitalizations, I've finally found a specialist who has a method for permanently dealing with my neck condition. However, I recently went through a divorce I didn't want and due to that have lost my health insurance, which for me is catastrophic.

Due to my being unable to work my income is virtually non-existent. I have applied for Social Security disability but the process takes years.
Please help. Any amount makes a difference. Many small donations will help me to reach my goal.

Thank you for your time, and for your kindness. Blessings always.

Over 23 months, 106 people have contributed $6,945 toward a $27,000 goal. LET’S CHANGE THIS!!!