Scott Lowther US Aerospace Projects: New US VTOL & Recon & Research Projects


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Nov 6, 2010
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Just in:
Now available: two new US Aerospace Projects issues. Cover art was provided by Rob Parthoens,

US VTOL Projects #2 is now available. Issue #2 includes:

SOS Interceptor: A US Navy Mach 3 aircraft with jettisonable wings
Lockheed GL-224-3: A small battlefield surveillance and ground attack plane
Phalanx Dragon MP-18: An unconventional small civilian transport
Lockheed L-161-1: An early concept for a variable geometry roadable helicopter
GE Supersonic V/STOL: A supersonic strike fighter with flip-out lift fans
Convair ANP-VTOL: A nuclear-powered ground-effect craft of the Navy of unusual configuration
Piasecki 16H-3: A compound helicopter for high speed passenger transport
Boeing Vertol Model 147: A tilt-wing close support fire support design for the US Army

US Research & Recon Projects #2 is now available. Issue #2 includes:

Lockheed A-1: The first true design leading to the SR-71
Bell MX-2147 Model 105: The high altitude "X-16"
Boeing/CRC/AMROC X-34 Reference Configuration: A reusable launcher test vehicle
Martin Model 159: A scout/observation float plane
NASA-Langley Low-Boom Demonstrator: a recent design to demonstrate quiet SST tech
McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 Super 80 Propfan Configuration 1: A fuel efficient transport demo
Convair "HAZEL" MC-10: An inflatable Mach 3 plane for the Navy
Republic Manned Hypersonic Reconnaissance Vehicle: an early scramjet concept

These can be previewed and purchased here:

Check out the entire US Aerospace Projects Series here:


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Jun 3, 2006
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Dear Scott and Rob,
great work again! B) :)


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