Robot vechicles on the base of future tank


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24 October 2009
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Higly protected manned-unmanned systems vith remote control for special situations.

Info (in russian) -
So If babelfish has translated right, and If I understand the translation correctly, this would be the 'Masha' Combat Engineering Vehicle system? Intended for use by both Army and Civil Defence units?

Would this also be correct:

Operates in teams of two vehicles, one manned [2 man crew] C&C/ CBR recon vehicle, one remote controlled CEV(both vehicles have limited unmanned/automonous capability).
Project dates back to 1991.
Based on the chassis of the T-95 MBT.
Uses a gas turbine powerplant.
Project in limbo, but still a lot of official interest in the concept.
So, does this potentially give us images of Object 195's chassis? ;)
Or is it just concept art? I wonder...
Can anyone post the pictures? None of the images are active in the link.

This is the Chernobyl tank: designed to enter the sites of Soviet era reactors that meltdown and try and cover them without exposing the crew to too much radiation.
Is this the same vehicle?


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Avimimus said:
So, does this potentially give us images of Object 195's chassis? ;)

Actually this vehicle is supposed to be based on the chassis of OAO Spetzmash's MBT project, not Object 195 which is Uralvagonzavod's product.

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