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18 February 2006
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At http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RLM_aircraft_designations I have seen that the Junkers Ju 52 family has been Ju 52/252/352 (all rather famous) but also Ju 452 (?) and no Ju 152, as the Focke-Wulf Ta 152 had already taken this RLM code, but a Klemm Kl 152 (?) was mentioned…
Does someone know where to see the Ju 452 derivative of the 252? Most of all: is it a Zwilling 252?!! ;D ;) :D
And where to see the unknown Klemm 152 fighter? :)
Before I receive serious answers ???, I dream ;D:
- The 6-engined Ju 52/3m x2 (Junkers/Aircavpinkteam Ju 52Z) being over-cost, a Ju 52Z/4m has been designed.
- With the need of higher speed, the nose engines came back, streamlined, and the Ju 52Z became Ju 152, before the choice went to the single fuselage Ju 252 – the code 152 then being transfered to Kurt Tank for his Ta 152…

Now: let us be serious. What about History? ??? Ju 452? ??? Kl 152? ???
Sorry Tophe, no entries found at Nowarra's "Die Deutsche LuftRüstung 1933-45" for this numbers ???
My dream of a Ju 152 (before the Ta 152) was not absurd, as a Horten Ho 252 came this way before the Ju 252 [The Horten Ho V that was considered this way, according to the Putnam book "German Aircraft of the Second World War"].

But the mysteries of the Ju 452 and Kl 152 remain... ???
(thanks to http://www.luftarchiv.de/index.htm?http://www.luftarchiv.de/flugzeuge/junkers/ju252.htm )
Here is a fantasy photograph of my Ju 452 (= Ju 252Z ?)…: ;D
More at http://www.designation-systems.net/non-us/germany.html :
Fw 252 : Single-jet single-seat fighter (1944); project only
Ju 452 : Three-engine cargo transport; derivative of Ju 252 in wooden construction; project only?

The 3-engined layout instead of 5 or 6 or 7 seemed not to match my Zwilling dream, BUT using my Ju 52Z/4m recipe above, nose engines may be discarded: from 5-engined Ju 452Z V0 (left below) to 3-engined Ju 452Z V1 (right below)… So the question remains: in Reality, was the Ju 452 a Zwilling or not? (I am not sure I want to know if it wasn't...)

(thanks to the same source http://www.luftarchiv.de/index.htm?http://www.luftarchiv.de/flugzeuge/junkers/ju252.htm )

is there any survivor drawing to Junkers Ju-452 ?.

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