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4 June 2006
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From Stephen Flower's 'Barnes Wallis' Bombs, Tallboy, Dambuster and Grand Slam' - Page 20

'Wallis was not the only designer to advocate larger aircraft, for Rex Pierson also proposed a six-engined bomber with a twenty-ton bomb load'

Does anyone have any idea what design that would be?
airman said:
Victory Bombers ?

I got the impression it was an earlier design and there is this from British Secret Projects

In 1937 Vickers produced a scheme for an aircraft of 180,000lb all-up-weight and fitted with wings 7ft deep which carried all of its load in the wings. It was primarily intended as a passenger carrier operating at normal altitudes but a bomber variant was also shown. By 1940 the scheme had become a high-altitude aircraft with wings of normal depth with the bombload transferred to the fuselage, and in November the proposals were submitted to Lord Beaverbrook. The first descriptive brochure was completed in January 1941 and forwarded to MAP and other officials'.

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