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29 September 2006
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Hi All,

Belcher Bits has just released a resin model kit of the proposed Vickers 725 "Red Rapier" Missile in 1/72 scale.

As the real missile never left the drawing board (as far as I know), I wonder if a mockup was built and if pictures and drawings of it and also the launch ramp are known to exist ?

A third scale model has been tested, but I don't have the Air Enthusiast issues related to it.

There is a color drawing of this missile in the "Secret Projects" book related to British Hypersonics and Missiles, but it is only an artist impression.

Does anyone has infos about this particular missile ?

Thanks for the help !

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The Secret World of Vickers Guided Weapons by John Forbat has a chapter on the Red Rapier with quite a few pictures and drawings. There's a detailed drawing of the launching ramp.
There doesn't seem that much out there on the Red Rapiers, it came from the UB.109T government project for developing a cruise missile, 3 companies put forward designs/bids.

Vickers Armstrong: Vickers 825 Red Rapier

Bristol Aeroplane Company: Bristol 182 Blue Rapier

Boulton Paul: P.123 (not accepted)

Here's a couple of links I found:
(You may have to scroll to find the images)

Brooklands Museum Red Rapier

Secret projects Various Bristol Post war Projects

Secret Projects

Belcher Bits

The Red rapier looks pretty cheap and basic in contrast to more aerodynamic Bristols 182
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Oh, there is! British Secret Projects- Hypersonics, Ramjets and Missiles covers them as does Air-Britain's Aeromilitaria in the Post-1950 Specs series. Eric Morgan did a huge article in Air Enthusiast back in the 90s. I seem to recall Aeroplane or Flypast doing a piece last year on the trials at Woomera.

The dead tree press has a lot to offer!

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