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"Red Card" a British SARH AAM GDA.103/AST.1193


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Jul 15, 2007
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The name is fictional, but appropriate. The requirement called for an AAM of medium range to some 60nm, and radar guidance
Work was done particularly on the A5 seeker to fulfill this, but it seems that the wind progressively went from it's sails after '63.
Vickers produced a design by John Forbatwith boost and sustain for 35nm using an 8" seeker.
However the Admiralty was adamant they needed 90nm and the seeker development flights used a 12" version.
The alternative being HSD Family series, or Bristol and AW 502 group's SIGS-16.

Now while the UK dialled down work after the F4 choice, until the AFVG gave it renewed life.

But how would things progress if the UK had chosen to continue with the missile and fit it to either the F4 or the later (but earlier than the ADV) Tornado or some other aircraft?

Presumably if the 8" seeker is chosen then this might be in place of Sparrow on the F4. But if it's the 12" seeker, one presumes that only 2 such AAMs on pylons would be carried.
Similarly with Tornado or the AFVG or UKVG.
Though if the F111K had entered service a ADV version might have been forthcoming with the missile.
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