Rear firing air-to-air missiles


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Dec 9, 2009
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Looking for rear firing air-to-air missile projects in this forum I found:

The Hawker P1184-16 proposal, with a tail gunner for the rear launched Taildog (being launched from a tube it has less disvantages compared to "normal" missiles like Sidewinder or R-73):

A hint to a proposal to replace the gun tail turret on Tu-22M with a rocket launcher:

A couple of MiG 70.1 cutaways with two "rear facing" R-73 inside the bomb bay:

The Grumman Design 143 Bushfire missile installed in the tail of the Martin P6M Seamaster:

A list of Bomber Defense Missile (BDM) proposals and for the XB-70:

and the MX-904 for the B-52:

but nothing about the R-73 test launches from a Su-27, tough the info found in Internet are minimal:

Rear firing R-73.jpg

From Google Translate:

Reverse launch rocket with combined aerogasdynamic control
The missile is being developed on the basis of the R-73 missile and is intended for arming frontline, bomber, transport and anti-submarine aircraft. Provides protection for the rear hemisphere of the aircraft carrier.
Launches in the direction opposite to the flight direction of the carrier aircraft.
The missile ensures the destruction of air targets day and night, in the presence of natural and organized interference, against the background of the earth and water surfaces. Does not impose restrictions on the initial launch conditions, implements the "fire and forget" principle.

Technical characteristics of the "reverse" launch rocket
Launch weight, 115 kg
Length, 3.2 m
Diameter, 0.17 m
Wingspan, 0.404 m
Flight altitude of targets hit, 0.05 km minimum, 13 km maximum
Launch range, 1 km min, 10-12 maximum
Guidance: passive IR
Targeting angles: 60°
Qarhead weight: 7.4 kg

Provides target acquisition on a trajectory according to target designation from a rear-view radar.
Providing a controlled flight of a rocket with angles a f = 180 ° ... 90 ° in the "reverse" flight (V <0) using a gas-dynamic control system. It is used from the rail APS.
No analogues are known.
Development status: Stage of axial processing.
Launches from Su-27 aircraft to M <1 and M> 1 were carried out
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