Re: F-19: artists impressions of the Stealth Fighter

bagera3005 said:
hop you guys in joy them

Yes! Thanks I do enjoy them!

Of coarse for the AF-21B, we are missing one for VF-103 Jolly Rogers.
VF-103 actually doesn't exist anymore so we will bring them back here me-hearty's
Arrrrr !!!!
bagera3005 said:
hop you guys in joy them

A small question, is that technically a delta wing or would there be some other term for such a design? Same thing applies for your Northrop and Lockheed F-19 concepts.
Firefly said:

It even slipped into the Belgian comic world

Even more interesting, at the end of this comic/graphic novel they also have a Soviet stealth craft. The "Mig 37 Ferret-E":
bagera3005 said:
i did image of that

Did that design originate from the Testors model kit released in 1988. Or was there a speculative design in a defense related publication that Testors purchased rights to model?

bagera3005 is your Naval version meant to operate on the Soviet Navy's newest super carrier Ulyanovsk?


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An AF Reserve / Guard intel unit uses the F-19 Specter shape (of many model companies like Revell, etc have used) in their unit emblem:



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