RC M-55 Geophysica


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1 March 2009
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Construction started in '07 from Russian 6-views and many photos. Size: wingspan 8 foot by 5 foot nose to tail.
Lots of hours and many more to go.....


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Oh, my! This is gorgeous!
Just call me Ray said:
Actually the gun turret would be in the nose.

in the nose ..?

i could have sworn i saw drawings with a gun turret on the back at some time .. perhaps there several versions considered?

hmm .. that will take a trip to the morgue ... if i can find it again i will post it
The original was the M-17 Mystic that had one engine and did have a several varients. This was the Russian answer
to the U-2. The M-55 was built with 2 engines, can fly higher and stay up much longer. Developed into a research plane to study the ozone layer, NASA has at least one in its flock.

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