Radar equiped Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz


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25 October 2007
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while searching the web on the Flakpanzer IV "Kugelblitz" I came across this information:

In addition, tests were carried to equip future models with radar and infra-red equipment

Taken from:

Does anyone know from what source this came about, and, if positive, which radar set was it? I have the traditional Spielberger&Jentz books, but I can`t find references to the subject.
In Ian V. Hogg's German Artillery of World War Two, on page 148, there is a photograph of a radar system fitted to a 2cm Flak 38 Flakvierling. The photo shows a dish with some form of covering on it, situated between the two rows of cannon barrels.

I've not seen any mention of such a system for the Kugelblitz until your post.

As for what system it is, Hogg does not say. I can guess that it might be the Rettin system? This was a centimetric waveband fire control radar set for light anti-aircraft guns.
Hi Pelzig :),

thanks for your reply. Yes, it is the Rettin in that picture. I have no more clues on the "kugelblitz".
Hi everybody

I have found a Kugelblitz with IR.
But it is only a plastic model.

Kugelblitz inside view

I am searching a photo of the Flakvierling 38 with radar.
Sadly I can not find a photo of this very rare and interesting device.
Can someone please help me ?

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