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27 April 2007
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my first idea on this was to start as "Alternative history , yeah ı can play too . " and would go on like :

specter 4 was gone on the night of which one ?

"HAVE BLUE 1002 was lost on its 52nd flight, on 11 July 1979, when a hydraulic leak set the aircraft on fire. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Ken Dyson, ejected safely, but the prototype was destroyed. Like its predecessor, it was buried under the desert. "

"In the early hours of 11 July 1986, Major Ross Mulhare took off ...Mulhare's F-117 had been almost entirely destroyed and Mulhare had been killed instantly. Investigators determined that the probable cause of the accident had been what the military calls "Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)". In simpler terms, the fatigued Mulhare had flown straight into the ground."

but just how large is the Area 51 so that both teams remain unaware of each other ?

ı wrote this and named the file the odd post but then ı thought otherwise as it is a quote .Plus ı rarely post anything that is not odd .

yep , it is time to be "realistic" . Alternative history has to be plausible and my initial version is flammatory besides being totally out of bounds and it might well bring a search being done . To save people from the trouble the sentences are from Greg Goebel's vectorsite . ı would guess anybody knows the site and ı have practically everything in the aviation part downloaded . Hope this won't be anything against the guy . ı mean no harm , right ? .And as ı have implied at the thread that the quote is , ı have a much better "tale" .


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the May 1986 issue of Air International has two illustrations of the item under discussion in an article named Stealth comes stealthly , calls it Lockheed F-19A , gives MTOW as 30 000 pounds .Dimensions match at 55 feet length , 35 feet wingspan . But the article is definitely mistaken in claiming a supercruise by two 12500 pound modifed turbofans without reheat .. Looking at the picture ı have from the original thread where the red lines measure 3.58 m ; whatever is up there is not a F-404 . Nothing cruises at Mach 2 on '404s anyhow and there is no way that it could be a "whisper jet ".Considering the length of the duct , engines would be more likely screaming .A non afterburning turbofan of the known variety would probably fit but as afterburner plumes were reported before the '117 was brought to daylight which caused distinguished aviation writers to comment that the reports were obviously false , we have a relic of the days when Stealth was meant to be platforms optimised for particular missions , few in numbers , many in types instead of mass production . And the canopy says what is this for allright . A mission that calls for A/B on the current type as well .

anyone who has the Tom Clancy novel Red Storm Rising can identify a likely mission .

the name is either Specter or Ghost , 20 already delivered with 100 on order , but the author is mistaking it for the '117 and the text is quite correct about the Hopeless Diamonds as far as ı know .

returning to quotation where the picture comes , the notion that being overbudget by 10 million dollars causes the downfall is obviously the piece de resistance . the Raptor is probably 100 million and do we hear anything like cancellation ? At least for now ?

regarding all these words ı obviously don't know but have to use , ı do research . ı really do and looking something particular for this one ı came up with a picture at an advised URL . Veronica something , she wouldn't last 10 seconds at the Secret Projects . (If linked to this forum, the site would have been deleted and as far as ı get from the interviews ı found with further "research" she wouldn't be much inspired by the topics .) Was it really surprising ? Of course not .Neither was the talk we had about breast implants and how they felt .What surprised was that the guy had heard it , nothing personally experienced . He said " My life has been all fakes , sometimes only the real is desirable but ı leave truth at home ." The moral is clear , don't take this seriously . Apart from my wish to remain harmless plus the following 2 sentences , anything ı have in this thread is suspect .

f-117 has been public for 20 years and where is the pirated Chinese copy ? The poster who had the quotation ı am not railing against you ; that is my personal style , apologies if necessary .

and finally the Specter one story ...

ı hate the fact that my room is now tidy because ı carried all my books and magazines down to a cupboard in the basement . Sweat breaks over me everytime ı look something down there and ı generally can't find it anyhow . So the point is Chuck Horner did order a standdown against Baghdad Billy and his black jet from hell , as the rumours got one EF-111 down in Saudi airspace reacting to a threat , but ı can't find the book , so no proof . Luckily the Iraqi intelligence didn't amount to much or they might well have had a few aces . And what was the prank that night ? Now what Stealth does is it reduces the space the plane can be detected . What would be a fully covered volume against a conventional aircraft becomes Swiss cheese for the like of F-117s . So there are few corridors through F-117s are bound to fly to and from Baghdad , it is practically marked on the maps . The cruise altitude is a known value for fuel efficiency , avoidance of small arms and keeping below a "set for the mission" altitude so that it stays under the horizon of radars that might be looking side on . So as soon as an explosion happens in downtown Baghdad , you swoop down because there are no red starred Migs around with colonels dating from WW2 and that's kinda boring , catch the Blue Belly merrily going home to his beer , drop down your Leighlight pod and put him on VCR . You have the light because you never saw those TI balls , they are meant for the 117 folks and your crate is a loser anyhow . The only time you took it somewhere "out of borders" in peacetime you had to drop a flashbomb to take the pictures and your repeated requests for LGB training have always been denied so you have burned Uncle Sam's money toying with relics . And you polish your shoes very good . ( ı am always confused , black or brown ? ) What is he going to do , like pop out his antennas , doubling his RCS ( and so asking even begging for a SAM shot ) and call the F-15s ? Who are on the other side of corridor and the SAM belt anyhow . Yeah , right ... So it is a failed attempt by an Iraqi jet to illuminate and kill . Officially . And the picture on the trophy wall will never be seen as they would really really like to put you on charges ...

and they sometime in the future will try to hold you responsible for the loss of the 117 in Kosovo with the altitude guessed alright . Wow , nothing is forgotten , isn't it ? And Russians so dumb ? The guys who had better compressors on their Nenes because they had mathematicians work on it . But if someone is trained with tales of how they asked Stalin whether to put Stars and Bars on Bulls , what can ı say ?

so that is how ı will earn my own episode in South Park . By telling bar stories , keep it here since it is nothing more .
and here is what somewhat more serious guys pointed me to

"reported on several occasions being intercepted by Iraqi aircraft that approached them and even illuminated them with searchlights without ever firing. The TACC log reports a ballad about 'Baghdad Billy' that runs as follows:

I'm an F-111 Jock, and I'm here to tell
of Baghdad Billy, and his jet from hell
We were well protected, with Eagles in tight
but that didn't stop the man with the light.

RJ, AWACS, they didn't see
as Baghdad Billy snuck up on me.
Then I found a spotlight shining at my six
and my whoozoo [weapons systems officer] said, whooly s***.

I popped off some chaff and I popped a flare,
but that Iraqi bandit, he didn't care.
I had tracers on my left, and tracers on my right
with a load of bombs, I had to run from the fight.

I rolled my 'Vark over and took her down
into the darkness and finally lost the clown.
When I landed back at Taif and gave this rap,
CENTAF said I was full of crap.

I'm here to tell you, the God's honest truth
that Iraqi bandit, he ain't no spoof.
You don't have to worry, there is no way
you'll see Baghdad Billy if you fly in the day.
But listen to me son, for I am right
watch out for Baghdad Billy if you fly in the night!"

from what ı take to be a pro-saucer site

but you already knew the the '111 was fast , didn't you ?
alternative history is more appropriate for what-if forum

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