Question with regard to a special turbine prototype most probably by Junkers in Dessau during WWII


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Feb 1, 2020
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Hi there,

during my research over the past 22 years I came across a turbine prototype I could find no reference to, but maybe you can help me out:

Here a sketch:


This prototype was reported by Henri Coanda, and was said to be build in Dessau at an underground factory (See Reference: Sproule, R. S. und Robinson S. T. (1944) "The Coanda Effect", CIOS Report IX-1. Jet Propulsion. Cambridge CB22 4QR. S.6, 14.)

Any person who did extensive research into Junkers turbines, who does find similarities with a prototype he came across in some of the Junkers reports (i.e. C.I.O.S., B.I.O.S., F.I.A.T. etc.) would be of great help here.

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