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5 June 2009
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The corner speed is the speed at which the stall limit and the structural limit make a “corner” .

As for F-16C at sea level, why the quickest turn happens at 8G instead of 9G?


Btw, I din't find the attachment icon. Could somebody tell me how to shrink the picture?
The aircraft is unable to pull 9G at M0.54 (the highest point on the graph), 8G is its maximum at this speed.
I just thought corner velocity was the airspeed at which a plane turns the tightest in terms of the turning arc, not the rate of turn.

Unable to pull 9 g's at M0.54 yes, but the question is precisely why.
Normally the load limit and stall curves intersect nicely without a roundout like we see here.
It has to do with the FBW control laws of the F-16, there is some information available here:

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