Project 885 Yasen / Granay (Severodvinsk class)


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Mhm, the VLS section looks too far aft for me. I'd prefer it more forward to the sail.
facts look like this
From Krylov TzBNII yearly report via Alex Konovalov


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Yes, that looks like an Oscar II pressure hull, the Pr.885 design is different with only one rather than two large diameter sections (apparently the first image in flateric's second post shows the correct layout).
tunguska said:
On this forum, similar pics are showed like model of Kursk internal hull in order to modelling the explosion

Photos show NEW sub hull, tested to minimize effects of internal blast like those that have happened to Kursk. That's what said in Krylov TzNII yearly report that those photos taken from. Let's thrust to original source instead to someone's with poor knowledge of Russian (I'm not talking of you, Tunguska, in the case).
Granay placard shown to some VIP and model made after factory drawings in the first post.


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This is a very interesting boat, as it seems to show more a movement towards producibility than streamlining for ultimate speed performance. The constant hull diameter of the last two boats seems to be a little western leaning in design, though the use of the double hull is still traditional russian design. I would not be surprised if this boat gets a pumpjet upgrade, though for modernization/signature reduction.

It does seem to have influences from wester designs. Given the anti-surface load I guess this is rather a Oscar type " carrier killer" than an attack sub?
Firefly said:
It does seem to have influences from wester designs. Given the anti-surface load I guess this is rather a Oscar type " carrier killer" than an attack sub?

More like a western SSN, which does the attack sub job and has a secondary land attack role(ship attack in the Sverodvinsk case). I think the Oscar class was the last class of purpose-built SSGNs we'll ever see(maybe there'll be a few conversions for this job, to fill a small niche).
Nice Scoop ;D

What is the benefit of having the sail closer to the bow ?
Any information on the type of reactor that will power the Yasen ? Will it be of the monoblock type , that does not need refueling throughout the life of submarine ?

Vice-premier Sergey Ivanov gets a new toy after inspection of real Severodvinsk

photo (c) Maxim Vorkunkov/Sevmash


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Nice do you have a better High Res picture of the Yasen Model ?
to my sorrow, no...
but level of this model authenticity to the real hull is still a question
flateric said:
but level of this model authenticity to the real hull is still a question

Why do you feel so ? specially when the model is being presented to the Defence Minister of Russia
because we had previously some discussion with one of those who makes those models
for example, 'watchers' from FSB and Sevmash Security Dept. still demand to remove any details of launch tubes covers and rear stern planes "winglets" on Project 941 Typhoon models - while NG shoots dozens of hours footage of one of Typhoon being scrapped with details going as far as reactors' compartments

Granay and Borey models authenticity in the case, I suppose, are self-explanatory

"I feel a shame, when I asked to make two-screw Borey models to be presented to VIPs that have just returned from the shop floor with the real one that has one pumpjet" - something like this
flateric said:
because we had previously some discussion with one of those who makes those models
for example, 'watchers' from FSB and Sevmash Security Dept. still demand to remove any details of launch tubes covers and rear stern planes "winglets" on Project 941 Typhoon models - while NG shoots dozens of hours footage of one of Typhoon being scrapped with details going as far as reactors' compartments

Granay and Borey models authenticity in the case, I suppose, are self-explanatory

"I feel a shame, when I asked to make two-screw Borey models to be presented to VIPs that have just returned from the shop floor with the real one that has one pumpjet" - something like this

That makes sense , indeed the model of Yasen seems to indicate it has screws , but it would be safe to assume its pumpjet as Borei

See no reason why they should be paranoid about it though.

Do you know what missile will arm the VLS launcher is it the Yakohant or something else in development ?

How many VLS launcher does Yasen have 24 ?
Improved Yasen ?

Improved Yasen or Yasen 2 ?

Russia lays down 2nd Graney class nuclear sub

SEVERODVINSK, July 24 (RIA Novosti) - Construction of a second Project 885 Yasen (Graney) class nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine started on Friday at the Sevmash shipyard in northern Russia, the company said.

Graney class nuclear submarines combine the ability to launch a variety of long-range cruise missiles (up to 3,100 miles) with nuclear warheads, and effectively engage hostile submarines, surface warships and land-based targets.

The Kazan submarine will feature more advanced equipment than the first vessel in the series -the Severodvinsk, which was laid down in 1992 and is scheduled to join the Russian navy in 2010 or early 2011 after a long delay for financial reasons.

"The second submarine will have improved electronics and fire-control systems, and will be built exclusively with Russian-made materials and components," Sevmash spokeswoman Anastasia Nikitinskaya said.

The submarine's armament will include 24 cruise missiles, including the 3M51 Alfa SLCM, the SS-NX-26 Oniks SLCM or the SS-N-21 Granat/Sampson SLCM. It will also have eight torpedo tubes as well as mines and anti-ship missiles such as SS-N-16 Stallion.

Russia's Navy commander, Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky, said in July last year that the construction of new-generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile and attack submarines was a top priority for the Russian Navy.

Under the Russian State Arms Procurement Program for 2007-2015, the Navy is expected to receive at least five Project 955 Borey nuclear-powered strategic submarines equipped with new Bulava ballistic missiles and two Project 885 Yasen nuclear multipurpose attack submarines.

Another Report

Second Yasen-M ( Kazan ) to be laid on July 24th

Underwater displacement boat project «Ash» - 13600 tons, the maximum length - 199 meters, width - 13.5 meters, depth - 9,4 m, speed - 31 knot, the crew - 90 people. Вооружение: 650 мм и 533 мм пусковые аппараты торпед, ракеты П-800 «Оникс», Х-35, Х-101, ЗМ-54Э, ЗМ-54Э1 «корабль-корабль», ЗМ-14Э «корабль-земля». Armament: 650 mm and 533 mm torpedo launchers vehicles, missiles P-800 «Onyx», X-35, X-101, ЗМ-54E, ЗМ-54E1 «ship-ship», ЗМ-14E «ship-to-ground».
Denis KA at has posted some screencaptures from Kazan laying ceremony video


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From the images of Kazan or Improved Yasen , the sail seems more conventional like those seen on Lada SSK , than the streamlined one of Akula or images of yasen as put up in page 1
Russia Launches 2nd Yasen Nuclear Submarine


The 119-meter-long, 13.5-meter-wide sub will dive to 600 meters, displace 13,800 tons, and run at up to 31 knots.

Designed by the St. Petersburg-based Malakhit Design Bureau, the submarine will have eight torpedo tubes and carry 24 long-range cruise missiles of several types, anti-ship missiles, and mines. Malakhit’s general director and chief designer, Vladimir Pyalov, said the sub’s weapons will have longer ranges and the ability to destroy land targets as well as naval ones.

Pyalov said at the launching ceremony that Severodvinsk will undergo sea tests in summer 2010 and then will be commissioned by the Northern Fleet, the RIA Novosti official news agency reported. All of the submarine’s weapons, including cruise missiles, have been tested successfully.
profile is absolutely incorrect
Profile as in the image of Yasen or the specification ?

If its image , yes indeed . You have put up the image of kaban and it a bit different , if you mean specification can you put up the specification of yasen ?

Do you have any information of Shipwreck upgrade thats suppose to arm upgraded Oscar 2 and if you know the nature of upgrade Oscar 2 will go through ?

As per latest ONI Noise level of Yasen and Borei

Yasen is rated lower on the noise scale than YD link

interesting conclusions are made while Severodvinsk didn't left shipyard yet
flateric said:
interesting conclusions are made while Severodvinsk didn't left shipyard yet

Thats why they are known as Office of Naval Intelligence ;)

Not long ago there was this interesting broadband noise chart which showed the Improved Akula and Yasen have almost the same noise level

Here is the link link

The US Director of Naval Intelligence Admiral Edward D Sheafer stated that he expects Severodvinisk to be quiter than Improved LA class , ofcourse later he was proven wrong when Akula-2 class turned out to be quiter than Improved LA.

But a Russian Admiral stated some time back that the Yasen will be as quite as the newer US submarine.
Project 855 'Yasen' SSN

Alexander BRAIN
Severodvinsk - MOSCOW

Early in the morning of 24 July from F I Severodvinsk in the White Sea L ^ went nuclear under water boat-I-I Skog strategic purpose "Yuri Dolgoruky" Project 955 "Borey". Russia's newest missile-carrier Navy, built by Sevmash, continues to test. On the same day at Sevmash held bookmark another nuclear-powered - "Kazan" - the first production multi-purpose submarine Project 885 "Ash-M.

At a solemn ceremony on this occasion came in Severodvinsk Distinguished guests: representatives of Tatarstan, the Navy, Bureau-designer SPMBM "Malachite", enterprise-contractors Sevmash. Brigadier assemblers Viktor Pinchuk and Brigadier welders Yuri Ritko welded to the first section of a future nuclear-powered fitting board.

- It is important that the Sevmash not only managed to keep the production of unique power, but continues to develop them, - said at the ceremonial meeting in the shop N "55, which is constructed" Kazan ", First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Muratov. - I Of course, we are pleased that the new ship is given a name in honor of Kazan.

On behalf of President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ravil Muratov, presented state awards, letters of appreciation and gifts to distinguished officers and seamen Sevmash White Sea naval base.

Deputy Commander in Chief of the Navy of Russia on armament, Vice-Admiral Nikolai Borisov said that "the submarine will be one of the best, according to those characteristics that it contains," and that "submarines are necessary to us" that the navy "hopes to get" Kazan "on schedule".
- And when exactly? - We asked, NK Borisov.
- This will depend on the schedule, which will adopt the Commander of the Navy, "said Nicholas. -We hope that this will happen no later than 2015

The question of the timing of construction is not idle. Head Boat Series --
"Severodvinsk" - was founded on Dec. 21, 1993 system, and dramatically slow. Author directory "Submarines Russia who saw light in 2001, VE Ilyin said: "It was planned that the submarine Severodvinsk" will go down with the composition of Russia's fleet already in 2000, however, in the future, due to lack of funding, these plans are shifted to a later date (known as even in 2007, but the prognosis should be recognized too pessimistic). Alas, the pessimists were not only wrong, but even too optimistic. Now descent to the water "Severodvinsk" is scheduled for next year, and the transfer of the fleet - in 2011

- And what do you want? Of these 16 years, more or less normal, funding in the past 6 years, - commented in this regard Sevmash Director General Nikolai Kalistratov. -We must also take into account that the company had to restore the collapsed cooperations. In fact, to build them anew. In turn SPMBM "Malachite" improved the project, so it is not morally outdated.

- And will there be enough strength in Sevmash cope with a large volume of defense contracts? In fact, besides "Severodvinsk" and "Kazan" on the stocks of your company being built RPLSN Project 955 "Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh. In December, assumed a bookmark More "strategy. Obtain an export order for the assembly of two diesel-electric submarines 636 project. Even without refining the Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya and production of complex civilian products, it is very even lot.

- I believe - handle, - said Nikolai Kalistratov. - Already Sevmash can annually take the fleet on a nuclear submarine. We hire people. By the way, do not necessarily have special training because the enterprise has its own developed network of institutions training and retraining. The main requirements - good health, as well as work hard shipbuilder, the desire for edification and the ability to see the future. And it all working generating unit certainly is.

But back to the "Kazan". Director General and Chief Designer of SPMBM "Malachite"
Vladimir Pyalov compared the new submarines "Ash" with the fifth generation of cars "Mercedes". For obvious reasons, neither the developers of the project, nor the details of the builders of the subs are not reported. But in the domestic and foreign references to them says a lot. Perhaps the information contained in them is not all accurate, but they give an idea of the possibilities of nuclear-powered ships.

Their full water displacement - about 13 800 tons, length - 119 m. The design - a double-hulled polutorakorpusnaya elements in the nose and in the area of missile silos. On the subs are installed water-cooled reactors of a new generation of OK-650V with a lifetime without recharging the active zone of 25-30 years. Boats - single-novalnye. Speed full submerged speed - 31 knots. Maximum diving depth - 600 m. The Endurance - about 100 days. The crew consists of 90 people, including 32 officers. For comparison: the number of crews of the latest U.S. attack submarines Seawolf and the types of Virginia -134 Rights (14 - officers). Noticeably fewer troops on Russian submarines - a consequence of widespread introduction of automation (developers - Concern Morinformsistema-AGAT and NGOs, "Aurora") than general malahitovskie different boats, ranging from the famous Project 705 - nuclear submarine destroyer.

To reduce the visibility of acoustic steel body covered with a rubber coating of the new generation. But themselves "ashes" will "hear" very good. The newest sonar system "Irtysh-Amphora allows to monitor a large range and practically in the range of 360 degrees around the ship.

Electronic weaponry "Kazan" will be somewhat different from that found in "Severodvinsk". According to Press Secretary Sevmash Anastasia Nikitinskaya on a submarine-type Ash-M "replaced element base complexes radio weapons, as well as used equipment and materials is fully manufactured in Russia, excluding suppliers from the former Soviet republics."
Special attention was paid to the arming of these multi-purpose submarines. Their "major caliber", intended to destroy marine purposes - supersonic anti-ship missiles P-800 "Onyx" development NGOs

engineering. They shoot at a distance of 300 km. The missiles are placed in 8 of mine launchers in the middle of the hull. At each mine - three missiles, for a total of 24 units of ammunition. Target designation "Onyx" are both on board its own funds and from space MKRTS type "Legend". After launch the missile climbs to a higher altitude. At a distance of 70-90 km from the purpose of its active radar homing head captures the purpose and off, after which the "Onyx" is reduced to 10-12 m, making avoidance maneuvers, close to the object of attack. At a distance of 1-1,5 kilometers back on homing head, which "brings the" rocket ship to the enemy. On the basis of "Onyx" was established export version "Yakhont" and Russo-Indian missile BRAHMOS.
In 1986-1992,. nuclear submarine K-452, received in 1997 called "Novgorod the Great", the project was upgraded 650m project 06704 "gull-B" for testing anti-ship missiles "Onyx". On the boat instead of 8 anti-ship missile launchers, M-120 "Malachite" placed containers with cruise missiles "Onyx". Complex P-800 has passed comprehensive retrofitting and was accepted into service.

Since the large spherical antenna HOOK occupies most of the nasal tip, torpedo tubes on the "ash shifted closer to the central part of the boat and located at an angle to the diametral plane. Of these, you can shoot remote-controlled torpedoes, as well as torpedoes, attacking the enemy on satellite trail. They are used to launch anti-raketotorped and cruise missiles for various purposes, including the family of the Caliber-PL "(export designation - Club-S) development of Yekaterinburg OKB Novator". They can hit surface, coastal and underwater (ballistic missile 91R) objectives. Obviously, "ash" can take on board and cruise missiles for strategic purposes "pomegranate" with reentry in the ordinary and special equipment, "get" the enemy at a distance of 3000 km. The media appeared information about the development of cruise missiles in Russia "Thunder" with a range up to 5000 km. It is possible that in future they entered service submarine project 885. In this mighty arsenal of boats instead of missiles and torpedoes can take mines of various types. There are also fired by means of simulation, misleading hydrophone opposing side.
As the domestic and many foreign experts, nuclear submarines "Ash" is comparable to the tactical and technical characteristics of American nuclear submarine Seawolf types and Virginia, and on strike capabilities surpass them. This was discussed at the celebrations of the tab, "Kazan". But that's not all. "We will make every effort to ship served for many years, has been a reliable and provides comfortable conditions for the service of seamen," - said General Director Nikolai Sevmash Kalistratov. Presumably, Severodvinsk shipbuilders will fulfill their obligations with honor.


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Russia To Test New Unique Project 855 Yasen Nuclear Submarine

Russia will begin tests of its new state-of-the-art multi-purpose nuclear submarine Yasen, Project 855, already in 2010. The unique submarine qualitatively differs from all of its predecessors. Moreover, Yasen will become the first submarine, which was entirely built in Russia during the post-Soviet period, Oleg Burtsev, a senior spokesman for the command of the Russian Navy said.

The new submarine is to be launched in the beginning of May. JSC Sevmash, the company that builds all Russian submarines, is currently busy with making preparations to the landmark moment.

The submarine was named Severodvinsk. Engineers of the company said that it would be quieter and much more powerful than the USA’s Sea Wolf.

Severodvinsk is a twin-hull nuclear submarine with decreased level of acoustic field. The submarine has ten compartments. The cruiser carries an extraordinarily strong complex of arms capable of solving combat tasks with practically any type of modern surface vessels and submarines. For the first time in the history of domestic ship-building, torpedo-launching systems are located behind the compartment of the central station. The new sonar complex Irtysh was installed in the fore end of the sub. Severodvinsk has eight vertical missile-launching systems: each of the systems houses three missiles.

Anti-vessel 3M55 Onix missiles will reportedly become the basic attack weapon of the new submarine. The missile was designed to strike targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers under the condition of radio-electronic and combat resistance. The missiles are equipped with the system of artificial intelligence and can recognize all electronic images of surface vessels. They destroy the central target in a group, change their tactics and continue to destroy targets on the principle of their importance.

The new submarine will become the perfect weapon for military actions in the distant ocean zone. Official spokespeople for the Russian Navy said that the Severodvinsk would be passed into service in 2011.

Russia also plans to launch the serial production and put into service eight strategic submarines of Project 955, Borei class. The submarines will make the basis of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces after 2018. The Yury Dolgoruky submarine is currently being tested in the White Sea. JSC Sevmash is currently building three nuclear submarines. Each of them will carry up to 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The Russian Navy should have 50 nuclear submarines, Oleg Burtsev believes. Russia now has about 60 strategic, multi-purpose and diesel submarines. The navies of France, Britain and the USA have nine nuclear submarines on constant combat duty.

“We should have two or three nuclear cruisers at sea as deterrent weapon. Other countries must know that Russia is always ready to respond to any attack,” Burtsev said.
Russia to float out new nuclear submarine after delay

Russia on Tuesday launches a new nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine after a short delay caused by technical reasons, the Sevmash shipyard said.

"It is the newest generation of the Russian submarine fleet, which rightfully meets the demands of the 21st century," said Vladimir Pyalov, chief designer of the Malakhit design bureau.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the port of Severodvinsk to attend the official float-out ceremony.
Oh Skewed Props and no pumpjet :( , probably due to her old construction .......Borei on the other hand have pump jet propulsion.
A Video from the TV Channel RussiaToday in English:

I presume, that the missile section (VLS tubes) won't be shown yet.
photos (c) Russian President press-service/RIAN






Severodvinsk-type subs will enhance Russian Navy's capability – general designer

Commissioning of Severodvinsk-type nuclear-powered submarines will significantly enhance combat capabilities of Russian Navy, reported RIA Novosti citing Vladimir Pialov, director and general designer of Malakhit design bureau (the project developer).

"This new generation of Russian submarine fleet meets standards of 21st century", Pialov said commenting SSGN Severodvinsk to be launched at Sevmash shipyard.

According to expectations, President Dmitry Medvedev will attend the launching ceremony of lead sub Severodvinsk. He is also about to inspect salvage tug Zvezdochka.

In contrast to 4-gen SSBNs (Yury Dolgoruky armed with SLBM Bulava), weapons of SSGN Severodvinsk have already passed all trials.

"Those are long-range cruise missiles", said Pialov not specifying the missiles' features due to classified information.

He only pointed out that those missiles were capable to hit sea and land targets at significant distances.

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