Pershing II radar performance


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11 July 2006
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hi ..

is there any good data out there in reagards to the performance of the Pershing II terminal guidance radar .. i.e. at what range to target did it activate?
what was the maximum aquisitation radius?
and was that identical to the max. warhead crossrange?

thnaks in avance

Some answers here, in a Chinese study translated by US National Air Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson.... (I'm not making this up): Introduction to the scene matching missile guidance technologies.
And before you start looking for spies, probably the info came from here:
Evolution of the Pershing II missile system
Lund, F. H.
IN: Guidance and Control Conference, Seattle, WA, August 20-22, 1984, Technical Papers (A84-43401 21-63). New York, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1984, p. 693-703.

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