Pavel Podvig's site on Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

What about the book, do you recommend it?
The book is outdated, given that it is a few years old. But if you can look someplace else for the most current information, the book is mind blowing in its detail and scope.

Here's the short review I gave it on my blog:

Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces - Pavel Podvig
This is the single, definitive reference source dealing with the Russian strategic nuclear arsenal. All major delivery systems are covered, from strategic bombers to submarine launched ballistic missiles. The technical data is absolutely first rate, and a history of each program is provided. Topics such as nuclear production facilities, nuclear testing, and strategic defense are also covered in exhaustive detail. There are also extensive endnotes for each chapter, with some of them providing further details and insight into little-known weapon systems alluded to or mentioned briefly in the text. The only drawback is that Mr. Podvig's work was published in 2001, and as such does not deal with the most current systems such as the RS-24 ICBM. He does maintain a website here, which provides up-to-date information supplementing his excellent text. This is the one reference work that any serious Cold War researcher simply must obtain.
Thanks a lot: added to my Amazon wish list.
Excellent book. Right next to Chuck Hansen's nuke book IMO.
An absolutely first class read, as others have said its getting dated now but it provides a fantastic base from which to research further and Pavel's blog compliments the book perfectly.
Hi All,

Does this particular book contain scale drawings of the free fall Soviet nuclear bombs ?

Thanks for the info,

Unfortunately no, but there are drawings of pretty much every missile, bomber, and submarine.

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