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Old aviation magazines - anyone want them?

hole in the ground

Aug 6, 2008
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Hello, all.

As the subject says I am looking to move house and in order to make the move a bit less painful my wife and I are decluttering. She is very tidy and I'm not, so its a bit more of a strain for me. One thing that I've decided I can do without is my stack of old magazines. It currently sits at just over a foot high. Mainly Aeroplane, with a smattering of FlyPast. Magazines date from 2010 to present - not a complete collection (mainly 2014 onwards). They are in pretty good nick. Most of the centre fold posters are still in them and the pages aren't dog-eared. If anyone would like them all, I'm happy to get them posted. Noting that they are large in volume and weight I'd request half the price of the shipping please. Otherwise I'm just going to send them for recycling.