Objekt 292 Soviet 152 mm gun tank


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24 October 2009
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Created in the end 80-s by Leningrad design bureau, tank was ready in 1990, they initially planed the rifled 152 mm gun and considered it superior to smoothbore gun adopted for main project created by Kharkiv Morozov bureau. This was contrary to the opinion of officials and they cooperated with Burevestnik reserch institute (those who created famous Coalition-S double barrel artillery system), initial variant was with smoothbore gun, in 1995 rifled gun appeared. The gun on "292" showed good results during firing tests, but the new loading mechanism was not finished.
The project appeared in not good time period of crisis in Russia, so it was not finished. It was stored in closed boxes of 38 research institute in Kubinka but now moved to the open air yard giving place to something new. This was one of the several projects of advanced tank developed in Leningrad in the end 80-s - beginning of 90-s.

Photos of this tank - http://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/24710.html
Any pictures of it? The link doesn't seem to have the pictures active.

Photos of Objekt 292.


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