"Nuclear Pulse Propulsion" book looking for illustrator


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Apr 5, 2006
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My book "Nuclear Pulse Propulsion," to be published by ARA Press, will be heavily illustrated. The bulk of the illustrations (contemporary art and diagrams, along with all-new technical illustrations)are done or in progress. However, it will also need a number of explanatory illustrations.

The book is half history, half physics textbook. The physics half will need illustrations showing general processes and concepts... the implosion of an atomic bomb, the operation of shock absorbers, that sort of thing. Illustrations roughly akin to this:

Either color or black & white would work for this book (not sure if it will all be printed in color, though). SImple, clear and to the point is prefered over complex fully rendered computer graphics. Drawn on a computer or pen and ink. What matters is quality, clarity and, in the end, probably a bit of quantity.

I am uncertain if there is much of a budget to hire an illustrator... or any budget at all. But if you are interested in illustrating this book and having your skills shown to the world, contact Jack Hagerty, publisher at ARA Press. His email can be found under the "about us" tab: http://www.arapress.com/