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Dec 19, 2006
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From a BBC article on N/S Savannah:


Other countries considered developing nuclear ships, according to Will Davis of the NS Savannah Association: "Japan announced a nuclear bulk cargo ship study, and of course West Germany built the Otto Hahn as an ore carrier. However, the UK and France both at separate times announced plans to build nuclear-powered ocean liners." The preliminary design for the UK project - dated 2 December 1963 - is pictured above.


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Aug 13, 2007
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Germany had Build the "Otto Hahn" as experimental Cargo ship

The nuclear ship work well, only trouble it had lack permission to anchor in harbors.
Otto Hahn only visit 33 harbors in 22 nation, after Germans got permission from local governments by diplomatic negotiations.
the Ship could only operate in South America and Africa only.
The passage of Panama and Suez channel was refused by USA and Egypt.

Do lack of International agreement and regulation, like safety standars on use of nuclear reactors on civilians ships.
Ships owners and shipping company show not interest in Ships reactors, do lack of that.
also high prize of refueling the Nuclear Reactor after 4 years was expensive
so only commercial success would be for very big Oil Tankers and Container ships.

Had be a International agreement, Germany wanted to build Nuclear Container Ships NCS 80 und NCS 240 (the 80 stand for 80,000 shaft horsepower )

This German PDF tell the story of Otto Hahn from it construction in 1964 and it voyages 1968-1979.

In 1979 the Otto Hahn was shut down, Then 1981 the Reactor was removed and traditional ship engine installed.
between 1981-2010 the Reactor cooled down at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
then transported to French Cadarache nuclear center there dismantle and it's 52 fuel rods salvage, it remains lies now in Zwischenlager Nord, Germany

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