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Northrop Flying Wings, X-Planes Vol. 10 (Osprey)


Fly me to the moon...
Nov 18, 2012
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Northrop Flying Wings (X-Planes, Vol. 10)
By Peter E. Davies; Kindle: EUR 12,99€ / Paperback: 15,33 €
Osprey Publishing

Today I got my eBook copy of the Northrop Flying Wings. It´s a good one. The book consits on six chapters. The first is a historical contextualization of the flying wing idea. We see this idea is spread all over the world (e.g. for some obviuos aerodynamic advantages), so in Germany, Soviet Union, Great Britain and the US. Then in the next chapters it´s all about Northrops way to handle the flying wing solution. Then is the B-35 Big Wing, followed by the Jet Wings. Chapter 5 is about the great question "What might have been" and is really good. Herre we find Snarks and Scorpions, the Flying Bantam and some more. In chapter six we see the idea of flying lives on (N-345 Tacit Blue, "Back to Bombers", B-21 Raider). The book is surrounded up by further readings, a register, many fotos and great artwort. It's good value!