Northrop Flying Wing with boundary layer control slots.

When (as usual) looking for something completely unrelated, I came across some additional info on this concept:

This provides an interesting background to Northrop's X-21, although curiously they used microperforations and not slots for that effort.
From Flightglobal,

a clearer view.


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X-21 suffered problems with bugs, dust and ice clogging suction slots.

I predict that the next generation of boundary layer controls will employ air blown out of tiny holes and controlled by hundreds or thousands of tiny valves. The main motivation will be stealth because thousands of tiny holes are easier to “stealthify” than large aileron hinges.
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Thanks TomcatVIP,
Great article about DARPA effectors.

I also predict that future SSTs will eject high pressure air to modify airflow around their nose cones.
The Shinmaywa US-2 is uses boundary layer control to allow it to operate at very low speeds off water.


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