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nice Web page about US ICBM and their Base, Silos with a lot picture and PDF (check downloads)

Minuteman ICBM Historic Resource Study website

the History web page over US ICBM on is gone :-[
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Has the Atlas-F Standard Missile Characteristics sheet on ever been publicly available before like that?
With regards as to Atlas missile silos:
Published on Nov 16, 2011
Along a lonely stretch of blacktop in rural, Central Texas, my friend Larry Sanders takes me on a tour of a partially restored Atlas missile site.

At the height of the Cold War, Curtis Lamay and the Strategic Air Command, built and deployed the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System.

Tim Frakes 6 years ago
Greetings, commenters! Love the scrutiny. Seriously. Larry invited me on a tour at the last minute. His comments are off the cuff, off the top of his head. I'm sure he knows what the correct warhead payload is. But, remember that this was recorded live-to-tape. No script. No rehearsal . Actually, it's a tribute to Larry's knowledge and over-all expertise. That said, keep the comments coming. All are welcome to contribute.
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